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Latasha’s Curvy Style tips: The Beachwear Edit


Summer is here and it’s time to get beach ready! Sun, sand and all that sexiness… ATCL rejects the notion that Curvy girls can’t join in on the fun. LatashaLagos has the scoop doing swimwear right this season!

LatashaLagos ATCL

Picking the right piece:
Don’t buy into all that toxic noise about “pear-shaped women need to wear this and plus-size women need to wear that.” no matter how curvy you are, there is a unique piece just for you. So when on the hunt for the perfect piece, try experimenting with color to put the attention where YOU want it. Dark and muted colors recede, while bolder, brighter colors jump out at you. You can also make the eye move with swimsuits that sweep up and around in dramatic ways (One-shoulder swimsuits are particularly good for moving the eye up toward your face) or sparkle, If sparkly isn’t your thing, bows, ruffles, knots, and embroidery also make great embellishments.

swimwear ATCL

Covering up is optional:
Here in Africa, we have to keep it real and we KNOW they are not ready for all this jelly YET… so why not ease into the mood with some cute cover ups. Kimonos, jumpers, sarongs and wraps in bold hues or elegant muted tones make a great choice. Personally, I’m all about that regal look since I never get to the water nor can I swim. The trend of wearing more innovative pieces to the beach is in full swing but this is only better if it’s unique to your style or personality.


Accessorizing is Key:
The perfect swimsuit will give you a sexy figure but the right accessories are a plus to your style. Leave the diamonds at home because you don’t want to lose them and ruin your day in the sun. Opt for chic costume jewellery that can bring out your fun side and you won’t miss if damaged by salt water. Finish up with some cool flats paired with a sassy beach bag and killer pair of sunglasses.


Glam! Glam!! Glam!!! :
Keep the glam alive by moisturizing with SPF to fight off the effects of heat and add some under eye concealer, a little blush for cheek colour, tons of bronzer for the golden girl look and finish up with a lip balm also containing SPF for a soft and easy breezy look. Mascara or eyeliner is on the risky side because the panda look isn’t cute right now. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and you are good to go.


Confidence is contagious:
Now that you are set from head to toe, the only thing left is a sexy dose of confidence to complete your look! If I could bottle some up and send it out I would but I need you to look in the mirror and say after me I AM FABOULOUS!!! Here’s another tip…Call up your girls and get in formation, head to the beach and have the time of your life.


Photo credit: Ebenezer Dada


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