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FFFWeek 2016 Day 5: What a night! The Legend’s Runway Extravaganza


Before the plus models we all know and love, the Ashley Graham’s and Tara Lynn’s, came a group of beautiful women who started plus modelling when there wasn’t even a market or industry for them to do it in. They were women who decided, irrespective of their size or body types, that they wanted to model, and so it was. Last night, Full Figure Fashion Week celebrated those fearless women who paved the way for the women we know and respect now, they honoured their journey by bringing them back to where it all began, the runway.

These ageless beauties exuded confidence and showed the rest of us that modelling really is an art and apparently one that you never quite lose the hang of. From evening dresses to lingerie, our legends, or curvy icons who trailblazed the way for a plus-size modelling industry to happen showed us that if not anything else, they have definitely still got IT.




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