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JCPenney Launches Full-Figure ‘Here I Am’ Line with Empowering ad


Top curvy professionals; Gabi Fresh, Valerie Sagun, Jes Baker, Mary Lambert and Ashley Nell Tipton team up with JCPenney to explain why women should be proud of who they are. ¬†“Here I Am” is the new full figured clothing line by JCPenney and they are asking women to stop hiding who they are and to let go of negative perceptions about how they look with this new inspiring ad.


As seen in the video, all five women have become masters at inspiring the body positive movement. Each scene showcases how their bodies don’t put limitations on their aspirations, rather they propel them.¬†From Ashley Nell Tipton, who won “Project Runway” and now designs a line for JCPenney, to Valerie Sagun, who is a body-conscious yogini, each of the women are seen living their truths and encouraging other women to do so too.


The author of “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls,” Jes Baker dances joyfully, while a reserved Mary Lambert beams with confidence throughout the commercial which was recently released on YouTube.


“There is true beauty in individuality,” JCPenney writes on its YouTube page. “So, when we start letting go of preconceived notions of who someone is based on what they look like on the outside, we all take one step closer to body positivity.”

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Watch the Video below;




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