5 Body Positive YouTube Vloggers to Follow Right Now

ATCL is all about the body positivity movement, which is why the plus size fashion YouTube community is so important to us. Unfortunately, plus-size fashion vloggers don’t tend to receive enough shine compared to the their straight-size fashion and beauty YouTube counterparts. But they certainly deserve lots of the shine.


Despite the ample attention, plus-size fashion vloggers are tirelessly spreading great body positive messages by speaking on various topics like “plus-size women are not one size fits all” to “why people think men hate fat women.”

So here are five plus-size fashion vloggers that are spreading incredible body positive messages on Youtube and inspiring the curvy goodness;

1. LoeyLane by Loey
2. LearningToBeFearless by Alexandra
3. The Curvy Fashionista by Marie Denee
4. Tashapolis by Tasha
5. CeCe Olisa

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