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The Curvy Girl Guide to Shopping Smart


Revamp your shopping strategy for a more cost and style effective result, ATCL’s Curvy Style Guide is letting you in on all the super-helpful tips on how to leave the mall with a smile that won’t fade away in the nearest future. Getting the right trends in the right fit and at the right time are very essential for a truly satisfying shopping experience that will leave you coming back for more, so here are some key pointers to help you shop smarter.


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  1. Know what trends work for you (Stay up to date with our style guides and trends).
  2. Know your vital statistics. i.e bust, waist, shoulder to shoulder, floor length and hip measurements (If you are dieting be sure to double check).
  3. Take at least 2 sizes with you to the changing room (And if you are shopping online, compare and contrast with previously satisfactory pieces).
  4. Know the fabrics that do the most justice to your figure and be sure to pay attention to the fabrics of your desired purchase.
  5. Have a mental view of what goes with what you already have (e.g your shoes, bags and accessories).
  6. Keep an eye out for deals and select items on sale.
  7. Make sure you know the type of material you are buying and how to take care of it.



If online shopping is more your style then make sure to stick with the trustworthy store, in order to avoid a disasters. Here are some online stores we recommend for premium satisfaction;

ASOS Curve



Lane Bryant

Ashley Stewart

Pop Up Plus



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