ATCL Hotlist: 5 Indulgences For This Summer

Fashion trends are always changing. With each new style, new design, latest obsession, we are constantly trying to keep up. Check out few of the many things trending for the curvy lady.

  1. HORIZONTAL MONOCHROME: Gone are the days when one of the plus size fashion rule was “never wear horizontal stripes”. Well I’m glad that rule has been broken and if it wasn’t, I would be the first to. Monochrome outfits are currently trending but even more in-trend is the horizontal monochrome pattern outfits from shirts and skirts, right to body con dresses. You might want to get one in your closet if you haven’t already.



2. LINGERIE: Yes! plus is the new sexy. And when that maxi is taken off, you want to feel like the world is yours in that moment. Investing in some badass lingerie is a great idea right now and a few trusted brands to try out would be Lulu Lingerie, Ashley Stewart and Torrid.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: Ashley Graham walks the runway as Addition Elle presents Fall/Holiday 2015 RTW and Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection At KIA STYLE360 on September 15, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Thomas Concordia/WireImage for STYLE360)

3.YOGA: Yoga is not strictly for the slim and wiry. Thick women and men are learning that they too, can reap the benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, decreased stress and improved cardiovascular function.


Common modifications for big yogis include shifting bigger bellies and supporting joints that may be stressed, particularly knees. A type of style best suited for a plus frame is the Iyengar yoga form, as it focuses on proper alignment using such tools as blocks and straps, which allow the participant to safely and effectively enter the poses.

4. SWIMWEAR: Suit up for the summer. Those beautiful curves shouldn’t be hidden beneath a maxi dress all summer.From an array of swimwear options from Swims Suits for All by Ashley Graham, MonifCee, Rebdolls, Andrea Iyama, KamoKini and many others.


5.  MAKEUP: Beauty bloggers are inventing various interesting trends in make-up and are encouraging bright ideas. Rainbow highlighter is unlikely to be a hit of street fashion, but is certainly appropriate at a party. Bold rainbow makeup will refresh repetitive pictures in your phone and social networks. Why not to try?


Stay with us as we keep bringing you trendy updates from the plus size world.

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