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Model Focus: Marquita Pring


Marquita Pring is our model focus today. This New York native, born in Albany became the face of All-American brand Levi’s in June 2011 reminding Americans that denim was made for people who work hard, play hard and eat well! She also appeared in the spring issue of Vogue magazine and models for Evans UK catalogue. The size-14 beauty modeled the spring Jean Paul Gaultier line in Paris in 2010 which is not traditionally a plus-sized line.


Here’s a piece of her Elle interview were she stared as a model in a Photo Shoot that didn’t  focus on her body.

As someone who has been part of campaigns where full-body shots are a highlight, what did you think of the emphasis on close-ups for “Real Love”?

It was refreshing to work on a project that focused mainly on our faces rather than our bodies. Those opportunities are rare and it was really exciting to play around and be creative.


What impact do you hope the exhibit will leave?

I hope that people will see these photos and realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. For me, I look at this exhibit and I don’t even notice that we’re bigger than straight-size models. I hope people are impressed with the photos and the life we bring to them.



When she was asked if there’s anything she wishes people and the media would stop focusing on or talking about in regards to curvy models she answered “I’m just happy they’re talking! For the longest time people were resisting the idea of curvy models but there’s no denying we have come so far. It’s only going to get better and better and you’ll be seeing us more and more, so please, keep talking”.

For more about Marquita Pring visit her Instagram page: @marquitapring


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