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This Open Letter From a Plus Size Reader Will Melt Your Heart…


[su_note note_color=”#fc00e5″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Hello my inspiration❣.. I just want you to know you make me not want to give up! I love you so very much and the way you embrace your curves is everything. Your confidence is worthy to be emulated and you just leave the impression in my heart that weight loss shouldn’t be over stressed but one should live healthy. I check your page daily, you motivate a whole lot of people in Nigeria. The acceptance of plus size in Nigeria is not encouraging at all unlike other countries. The boutiques here are majorly for the slimmer folk. They don’t care about plus size and it brings about low self esteem generally. I gave up on Nigerian boutiques because when they eventually have plus size clothing, it’s outrageously expensive. The shame one gets going out with friends and not getting what you want is ???. I get most of my outfits from ASOS curve but how about those who don’t have access to that?The discrimination is so bad in Nigeria its shocking! People believe you can’t be in a meaningful relationship or that there’s hope for a husband for plus size women but thank God for Adekunle Gold’s “There’s a man for every woman” (He is a Nigerian musician and that is his song). The names they call us are terrible. WHY? Please lend your voice…It goes as far as friends discriminating that “she’s too fat, she can’t be on my bridal train” she can’t get that role. WHY? #stopbullying . The pageant for plus size is comedy for Nigerians because they go there to mock girls! This so unfair… ?? … Thank you also for @aboutthatcurvylife.. ??? Ibiwunmi.[/su_note]


I received this message via Instagram and felt compelled to share with you all. I asked the young lady who wrote me for permission to share and she kindly agreed. I just want you all to know that letters like this are part of the reasons I started #Aboutthatcurvylife and why we will keep going. It means everything to hear from someone I don’t know, speak words that have a familiar ring to them, echoing thoughts that once lived in my head.

We don’t have ALL the answers but we promise that we won’t stop asking the RIGHT questions and pushing the conversation for acceptance of ALL bodies. Everyone has a right to feel beautiful and everyone owes their body a love so unconditional and great that you become a source of light in every dark place. Thank you Ibiwunmi for opening up and pouring out the emotion, allowing us to send your positivity to fill you up again. Thank you readers, your support of Aboutthatcurvyife.com is really everything and we ask that you keep sharing your stories with us, writing to us, giving us feedback and that you also share our links with friends/family/BFFs via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  or email. As a community we keep saying there isn’t enough being done on our behalf but WE are here, ready to be that voice spotlighting trends, fashion, cool bloggers, entrepreneurs and so much more. We love you all so much and appreciate each click.

Love & Light,




  1. paufra August 3, 2016

    This letter is soo true, everything about it…. the discrimination is real for the plus size here in Nigeria, I mean I once told a guy I know to help me with a presenting job he could help with…. he told me I was fat I had to loose weight which just got me wondering. Even when you are good at somethings just because you are fat they won’t even let you try.

    1. Ibiwunmi August 16, 2016

      I love this platform a whole lot! @paufra I’ve had similar experience . This particular guy looked at me, telling me he likes me but am fat so he’ld go for my sister. He was even asking me why am I fat? Regarding job roles, it’s so true especially in marketing departments of various organisations. It’s depressing I must say. I know at some point even if we love the curvy life, one way or the other we secretly wish for weightloss but then it doesn’t warrant negative comments from others. Confidence is key✌️. Best regards

  2. Elsie August 7, 2016

    Hi Latasha I must say I’m a huge supporter of the moves you and other well respected plus divas’ are taking within the plus community and beyond. Each time I go through your page on Instagram I get this surge of confidence, there’s this vibe you emit and trust me you inspire a whole lot of curvy sisters out there.As Ibiwunmi said the plus size pageant competition in this country is one that is gradually becoming a thing of joke as organizers tend to deceive and swindle innocent ladies of their resources, if as an organizer one cannot genuinely come up with sponsors and whatever makes an event successful then I think he/she should have a rethink and probably go back to the drawing board because it will definitely not come off as good if these so called organizers swindle ladies of their resources, use them to their benefit all under the pretext of “you will win the competition if you sleep with me”I personally have experienced such and oweing to the fact that I’ve always wanted to be a plus model I kept on pushing despite my experience. Personally, if we are to make a change it should start from within. I believe that you and other plus divas’ being at the forefront of this movement will go a long way in making the plus community and beyond a better place.

    1. Ibiwunmi August 16, 2016

      @elsie regarding beauty pageant , I’ve participated and apart from swindling people off their resources , they also threaten you to sell your tickets and don’t mind using your body!! One instructor told us them that “this is a competition and that we should accept we are all sluts for that period” . Also they know their winner already and deceive others, extorting money from them and sleeping with ladies promising them they will win.

  3. kelechi constance September 22, 2016

    Pls Latasha lagos am a huge fan and I follow u on Instagram….i dropped a msg but no reply yet? I’d love to shop and how do I do that to get the kind of lovely clothes I see on ur page via Instagram…. u’ve made me strong and courageous pls help me

    1. Latasha Lagos September 27, 2016

      Hi Kelechi, I shop from different places but I’ve currently been enjoying selections from Amparoplus.com! She has a great variety of trendy pieces in stock. There’s also Tosfa, Makioba, Ma Bello and JpKingdom. I hope this helps. xoxoxo


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