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Leslie Jones Lands Gig As Olympics Commentator After Her Live-Tweets Went Viral


#SNL and #Ghostbusters star, Leslie Jones knows first-hand that the Internet can be a place in which trolls have zero chill. She was on the receiving end of some mean comments, but now, the comedienne’s hilarious live tweets during the opening ceremony of #Rio2016 have landed her a job as a commentator.

In a twist of fate, she’s now getting paid to be positive and constructive for the athletes competing in the #Olympics! Many of Jones’ tweets involved her being dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue while cheering on or narrating different events.

Since her interactions have reached thousands, Saturday Night Live producer, Mike Shoemaker tweeted NBC’s executive producer of the Olympics, Jim Bell and told him that they need to hire his girl Leslie to do the job in real life. Bell obliged, and now we have ourselves an Olympic Cinderella story! Jones is currently on her way to Rio, so stay tuned for more of her fantastic spirit! Good luck, Leslie!

To see some of her tweets click HERE.



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