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Movie Wednesday: My Marlon And Brando Screening by Womens Film Club


My Marlon and Brandon is a movie based on a true love story. The film follows Turkish actress Ayca as she journeys from Istanbul to the Iraqi border towards her lover, Kurdish actor Hama Ali Khan. They met and fell in love on set but returned to their homes. “Their love affair continued across borders through video love letters and broken phone calls until the Americans invaded Iraq and hellish violence engulfed the country. As most people fled from East to West seeking safety, Ayca decided to make the journey from West to East, seeking her lover. GITMEK, a dramatic feature film, is the true the story of her extraordinary, and ultimately tragic, experiences in such mad times.


The 2008 movie was directed by Huseyin Karabey and featured Ayca Damgaci, Hama Ali Kahn, Cengiz Bozkurt, Nesrin Cavadzade who were seasoned actors of their time.


The movie would be screened by the Women’s films club on Thursday 18th August at 6pm at 58 Raymond Njoku Street Ikoyi Lagos and admission is free.

Check out the movie trailer below


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