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This Makeup Hack Would Save You Money And Time!


Getting your make up done can be a bit tasking and time consuming especially if you are doing a full face makeup and not just throwing on a gloss and moving on. But there are easier and faster ways to get the makeup look you desire. The instant Eye shadow strip and Eyebrow stamp are both makeup hacks that have been around for a while and you don’t need to be a pro make up artist to try them out.

Instant eye shadow Strip

This instant eye shadow is basically an amazing eye-magic because it saves time, you can get them in multiple patterns and shades plus you don’t need to be a pro makeup artist to use it.


The instant eye shadow strip is super easy to use. All you need to do is carefully place the eye strip on the eyelid, swipe the eye strip across the eye lid and blend in using your hand or an eye shadow brush if desired. This video below will give you a visual idea of how to use the instant eye shadow strip.



Eyebrow Stamp

The eyebrow stamp is another legit make up hack. You can find this very useful especially if you have difficulty drawing a straight eyebrow. The eyebrow stamp comes with ready-made eye brow shapes (one for each eyebrow) fixed to a handle to hold on to and the eyebrow powder which comes in different shades and its  pretty simple to use. All you need to do is take your eyebrow stamp and dab it on the powder then place it on your eye brow but be careful to follow your natural eye brow line.


Watch  this video by prettyNflawed to see how the eye brow stamp works.

You can purchase any of this makeup hacks from any beauty store around you or order HERE and HERE


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