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Latasha Loves: SHEA JOY Moisturising Scrub BY Natural Carishea


There are so many beauty products out there, promising the skin of your life, the hair of your life and the skin and hair of your life that will attract the bae of your life! Quite frankly, it is exhausting to pick from the madding crowd the ones that truly deliver on all fronts and live up to expectations. So when Moisturising Scrub’s Shea Joy from Natural Carishea came knocking we all but rolled our eyes at yet another product. At this point, let me add that I was simultaneously skeptical and anxious because lately, my skin had started to show signs of fatigue from the daily hustle and paper chase in this jungle called Lagos!

Armed with my trusty team members, Emmanuel and Anne, we devised a plan to put this moisturizing scrub to the test and see the stuff it was made of come to life. As the fearless leader of the pack, it was up to me to cut the ribbon and bust the first test moves. I chose a day I knew I could spend at least 25 – 30 minutes in the shower allowing me enough time to truly pamper myself and if possible correct whatever errors could go wrong using this “wonder scrub”. As I ran my hot bath water and opened up the jar, I wasn’t ready for the rich aroma of light floral geraniums, zesty lemongrass and patchouli that assailed my senses and mentally transported me to a luxurious place reserved for the finest spas I’d been. Score 1 for Scrub.




As I moistened my body with hot water, I quickly performed my standard soap and sponge ritual and rinsed off before scooping some of the scrub onto my bathing glove reserved for exfoliation. Then I really went to town, sloughing off dead skin cells from my face to the soles of my feet. I loved how I didn’t have to work so hard to feel the grains of the product (I know from experience it can be a real pain with other scrubs… it’s as though they count the scrubby granules in each jar. Hiss). With minimal ease I was done covering my entire body and the best part was I didn’t need a lot. I counted to a hundred just to let that Shea Joy goodness work its wonders all over me and really penetrate into the epidermis, maybe the dermis and fingers crossed tight, the fatty layers (primary school description of the skin, don’t judge me please). I finally rinsed off, pleased as punch that I smelled like heaven, cupcakes and newborn baby before jumping out the bath and racing to the mirror to look at myself in my birthday suit glory. I glistened like a mermaid and felt so soft to touch… the phrase “romancing oneself” sprung to mind and with good reason too! SHEA JOY promises you do not require a moisturizing lotion after use and it is not an empty boast. You really don’t! Throughout the day, I walked on air, receiving compliments or maybe it was the voices in my head, amping me up…don’t know don’t care. All I know is I’m stocking up and have found the perfect gift for my ashy friends and crocodile skinned brothers.

Stay Soft & Sexy,



Latasha’s Verdict: Effective, value for money and a MUST for the beauty aficionados as well as those who suffer from dry skin. For those particular about natural products the active ingredients include Sucrose, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Citrus, Rose buds & petals. The 200 ml jar should last for a good amount of time.


P.S. Here’s what the TEAM thought…

Anne– “It has a moisturizing after effect unlike most scrubs that dry out the skin. I loved the fragrance and enjoyed the fact that even though it was strong, I did not feel overpowered at all by it”.


Anne & Emmanuel holding the scrub

Emmanuel– “At first sniff, I got milky and buttery, quickly followed by the soothing scent of lemon grass. When applying, it smooths on quite thick and greasy but you feel it working its magic as the thick hold loosens up halfway into the suggested 10 minutes mark. The grainy essence comes off quick when rinsing, leaving a silky smooth layer of buttery essence on your skin”.


SHEA JOY is available from www.ebonyandindigo.com or call 09090404336/08103191749 for inquiries or to place an order.




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