Stephanie Shanks’ Plus Size Active Wear is on Board And It’s ‘Badass’ Too

Some plus size designers recently decided to stop producing plus size active wear because they apparently weren’t making enough profit or some other reasons best known to them.  But there’s no reason to fret because there’s a new active wear designer in town, and the designs are ‘badass and comes in all sizes’. Plus-size fashion designer Stephanie Shanks is introducing a new line of active wear that gives everyone the chance to maximize their sass.


The slogan and the inspiration behind Stephanie Shanks’ new company, Mutiny Activewear behind Shanks new company is “badass comes in all sizes.” Shanks who is proudly plus-sized feels she’s filling a market niche plus-size clothing with some “sass”

Shanks said that when she comes across fun slogan tank tops and T-shirts she wont be able to buy them because they were never available in her size so she got a little fed up with that.

Her designs feature tanks and tees from size small to 5X and the slogans are both roller-derby themed and sassy. “just show up. you are worth it” and “Your opinion of me is none of my business” are a couple of the messages Shanks’s fashions carry.  Some of the Tees are also unisex.


“It’s not really about the shirts, it’s about the people that kind of have that chance to go, ‘Maybe I am a badass.’ I think there’s something empowering to have a sassy saying on your shirt that you can kind of own as you go to the gym,” said Shanks.


Shanks is a recent addition to the Fredericton’s Capital City Rollers, or as she describes “fresh meat” for the team.


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