Plus Model/Blogger Simone Glitters in New Body Positive Photoshoot

Simone Mariposa is a 23 year old body positive blogger and model. She  made waves when she started the #WeWearWhatWeWant trend on Twitter a campaign that encouraged women to post photos of themselves in their favorite outfits, proving that women of any size can look confident and chic in all styles of clothes. The campaign  went viral, inspiring other women across social media to share photos with the tag #WeWearWhatWeWant.


Mariposa also recently featured in the body positive campaign #BeInYourSkin now she is making waves yet again with her  recent photo-shoot with photographer Taylor Giavasis.  In the nude photo-shoot taken by Giavasis, Simone is seen with  glitter all over her body from head to toe in front of a series of colorful lights, portraying an effect of stars shinning in the moon light and its’s all insanely gorgeous.


Since the pictures from the photo- shoot hit social media, they have been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response with over 11000 likes and counting.


Mariposa captioned her post with a short and beautiful ode to her body: “My body is magical. Every hill and valley. Every dip and turn. Every bump & roll. Pure intergalactic magic.” Commenters echoed her ode, writing things like, “What a goddess!! You’re so beautiful and “I dream of confidence like this you’re beautiful and SPARKLY.”


In her short chat with Simone said that despite being a confident individual, she did get a little nervous when she stripped down and started posing on set.

“It’s hard when you literally take everything that you wear off and actually pose for a camera,” she says. “When you’re plus-size and you have rolls and back fat and you’re a model or blogger as well, you do a lot of poses and things to camouflage that, but I didn’t have that protection of posing to hide that. At first I was nervous, but after a while I was like, ‘There are people who look just like me and want to see a representation like this, so I might as well just go for it and not hold myself back.’”

Mariposa hopes people who see her photos realize the power of self-love and confidence. “I hope that they see that my intention is to show them that if I love myself enough, despite being unconventional or not what society considers beautiful, that they should love themselves too,” she says. “Inspiring people is my ultimate purpose and passion.”


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