Khloe Kardashian’s New Show is Fat Shaming

Khloe Kardashian has had a complicated journey with body positivity, she’s both taken and dished fat shaming comments in the past (she once called her brother Rob’s weight gain “infuriating”), and she coined the term “revenge body” for her post-divorce shape-up. It’s great that Khloe cares about health, but it often comes off as body-shaming and nowhere is that more obvious than in the trailer for her new show, called, aptly, “Revenge Body.”

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If you ever caught an episode of ‘The Biggest Loser’ then you know what this new show is all about. Khloe plays the role of a mentor to young women and men who are on a mission to lose weight, get healthy and get “revenge” on someone, who according to the trailer could be an ex-fiance, a mom, or friends. The idea that losing weight is somehow a clap-back to haters is bizarre and totally not body-positive. Even as Khloe says “it’s not about a weight number. It’s about how you feel,” she’s not doing much to further that message with the series, which features a doctor actually saying “pretty doesn’t come easy,” when the message for body positivity is that every body is beautiful.


Being healthy is important and noble but so is self-acceptance, especially if you’re on a journey to better yourself. And what Khloe’s team of professional pretty-makers are essentially telling these young people is that the self-acceptance can’t come until the end of the journey (when they are no longer plus size), which is insanely counter-productive. There’s a reason that the shame-based method of training and coaching people is so inherently controversial, it’s dehumanizing and, in some cases, it is still risky to a contestant’s health.


Khloe, herself is someone who’s been bullied and attacked for her body, we expected better from her. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the series premieres on January 12 to see just how far she (and the show) go. But no matter what we end up seeing on TV, we can hope everyone who appeared on the show is feeling strong, happy and beautiful in their own skin and not pressured to look thinner (even to the point of using terms like “I would kill myself” as seen in the trailer).

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