Curvy Bride Inspiration

Who says plus size ladies can’t find their soulmate and who says they would have to settle for anyone who just comes strutting on. These wedding photos of Sarah And Brian would change every wrong perception you ever had about that.



Sarah, a beautiful curvy fashionista and certified makeup artist recently tied the knot with her long time heartthrob and soul mate, Brian who is a fitness enthusiast and cancer survivor. So much love, light and sparkle it was at the fairy tale wedding of Sarah and Brian who have known each other for about two years.


This couple would give anyone marriage goals for days as it was glaring to everyone present that evening the love they shared. There was an absolute chemistry between the couple that could be felt by anyone at the wedding and even to those who saw just their wedding photos.


Their love was obvious for everyone to see as the couple kept on gushing over each other on Instagram expressing their love and desire to spend forever together. The union of this amazing couple took place in the loving presence of both their family and friends as they celebrated their happy ever after.



Sarah inspired confidence in other women of  her size letting them know they can find love. People left comments on her handle telling her how much of an inspiration she has been to them with one person saying: “I hope I can find the one too  since I am not confident with my body size”.


Sarah’s wedding to Brian has proved that it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are there is someone out there who would love every inch of you because Every body is a beautiful body!


Photography by Maggie Turner


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