THE REAL’s Loni Love Dishes Out Her Survival Tips

Plus size standup comedienne, actress and talk show host, Loni Love just came off a 60-day detox that she says helped her not feel tired all the time, and she has one great trick for people who travel a lot. She shares with New York Magazine how she deals with the stress she faces when in transit and so much more. To the curvy professional out there, you might get a few tips from Loni.


Here’s an excerpt from what she tells New York Magazine.

On the trick she uses to get her travel routine down to a science:
I have three different identical toiletry bags, and I rotate them so I don’t have to think about it when I’m packing. They are all pre-packed and ready to go. I have a standard outfit for my stand-up show, so when I pack to go on the road, it’s easy. I know what I’m going to wear. I also have three premade makeup bags that I rotate in and out. All of it helps me get my bags packed faster.

On how she can survive on so little sleep:
I’ve totally gotten off caffeine, but what I do if I need something to wake me up is drink a tea of some kind. Sometimes I’ll try to do a smoothie, or some almonds, just so I’ve got some natural sugars to get me going.

If I know that I am going to get sleep at certain times, I can get through those long days if I have to. When I went to Baltimore, I made sure that I slept on the plane because I didn’t want to get there and say something crazy to the general manager. If I can get a good three hours in before I have an event, I’m good — I take naps here and there, and make sure to catch up on the weekend.

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On why she puts so much value on planning:
This is what I’ve always wanted to do, so I have learned to deal with having a lot of things to do all at once. Planning is really so important. I don’t let it stress me out. I do have a great management team and a great PR team, and they keep my calendars for me when stuff comes in so I don’t have to worry about it. I have people to help me with certain things so I can focus on the creativity.


On what she did when she got “tired of feeling tired” all the time:
I was tired of feeling tired. You use the excuse “It’s because I’m traveling a lot,” but I had two months where I hadn’t started filming The Real yet and I wanted to do something different. I gave myself one weekend to try doing a detox. That one weekend turned into 60 days.

No alcohol, no caffeine — it was hard. I lost 15 pounds, but it wasn’t even about the weight loss; it was more about the energy. I had been on the road for 15 years. Comics eat bad food. We drink every weekend. When people saw me on the show that week, they were like, “Your skin is different.” I felt different.

For exercise, I get to the studio a little earlier and I’ll do a 15-minute walk in the morning all around the studio. When I’m staying in a hotel room, I make myself at least go to the gym. I don’t do more than 45 minutes, but I do incorporate it. I also started to do a weekly body massage — that has helped me a lot. I always tell people to do the exercise you love: If exercising is going to stress you out, it ain’t gonna help you.

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