Jen Haddix Talks About Loving Herself Despite Gaining Weight

Weight gain is one of the most damaging causes of low self esteem in our society because the idea that it represents the unhealthy and unclean version of ourselves. That’s why we are always looking for inspiring stories that help change the adsorb notion and today we are featuring a post by a body positive woman named; Jen Haddix.


Jen took to her Instagram page @_cultivatingkindness_  to share two side by side before and after pictures. The first one was an image of her model lingerie on the runway as a striaght figured model while the other was a mirror selfie of her showing off her weight gain by showing holding her belly fat.

She captioned the image by narrating what it cost her emotionally, mentally and socially to maintain a straight figure and how she feels liberated and constantly inspired now that she has learnt to accept and love her body whatever the shape. Read her caption below;


“These are always my scariest/favorite #bopo pictures to post. My first feeling when I’m scrolling through my old #fitchick pics is ALWAYS shame. Shame that I no longer look like that. Shame that I have more cellulite and belly than I ever have. And I hate that. I should not be ashamed. But each time I do this the shame dissipates more quickly, and I remember how I behaved and what I did to get there. Extreme body obsession, dreaming about food, working out until I was in tears, alienating everyone in my life…this lifestyle did NOT work for me. I didn’t help others, I didn’t love my self; I couldn’t. Nothing was ever good enough and I’ve never hated myself more than I did in these days. Thanks so much to the ladies that have inspired me to get here (quick shoutout because I know I have beautiful souls who follow me that would love to follow more #bodypositive accounts!) – @bodyposipanda @bodypositiveeverydamnday @jewelzjourney @omgkenzieee @nourishandeat @madelynmoon @gold.phin @allisonkimmey @kristen_sarah_ @turquoisebird @tessholliday @glitterandlazers and so so many more. #recoveryispossible – surround yourself with people who inspire you and raise you up. Love yourself, even when it’s hard. I tear up when I think about how grateful I am for the wonderful people in my life. And it would have been so much harder to get here without their support. It’s okay to ask for help. And it takes time. But it’s worth it. #foreversillyface #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #endbodyshaming #endbodyshame #nonairbrushedme #bodyposi #bodypositivity #beautyisnotgeneric #allbodiesaregoodbodies #edwarrior #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #yogainyourunderwear #yogi #bodybuilding #embracethesquish #bellylove #pizzasisters4lyfe #goldenconfidence #justmegorgeous”

The important things to take away from Jen’s story are that nothing is worth sacrificing your self confidence, always remember you are beautiful no matter your size and that the number on the scale isn’t a measure of your self worth.


For more inspiring posts from Jen, keep up with her now by following her on Instagram @_cultivatekindness_

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