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Meet Comfort Sakoma; The BossLady Shattering Glass Ceilings In The World Of Business


We usually reserve Mondays for the men but today we are dedicating our Monday crush feature to a special lady who has broken down the sexist stereotypes that have plagued our society through her Business skills. Comfort Sakoma is the Founder of the Poize Insider Network, through which she strives to boost the competitiveness of the Nigerian economy particularly for the women involved in business. Through the Poize Insider Network platform, Comfort has assisted more than 150 women-owned businesses to develop brand strategies, pursue global partnerships, and expand their trade capacity. Her dedication and expertise have also earned her the award for Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in two categories: country (Nigeria) and regional (West-Central Africa) by CEO Global in 2016.

As someone who is very aware of the potential Nigerian owned businesses have to offer the world, she set up a market entry firm called Poize Capital Global, to help foreign companies enter the Nigerian market and helps Nigerian companies enter U.S. and other International markets. She is the Publisher of Poize Magazine, which provides quality reporting and analysis of the contemporary trends that affect women in business and leadership in Africa. Determined to give women a voice in the male-dominated business sector, she founded the Poize Foundation for African Research & Development, Nigeria’s first non-profit think tank which focuses on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of public policy through a gendered lens.

Her resilience and passion have earned her a coveted spot as one of the fourteen Board Members of the Washington, D.C. based U.S.- Africa Chamber of Commerce; the only Africa-centric chamber of commerce in Washington D.C. that focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  She is also a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and a partner/mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award by BMCE Bank of Africa.


As the Founding Executive Director of WEConnect International in Nigeria, Comfort was instrumental in expanding opportunities for businesswomen in Nigeria. Securing the registration of the first African company to the global board of directors of WEConnect International, she helped to make Nigeria a top 5 performing country in the network in less than 18 months. In 2014, she led a delegation of women entrepreneurs from Nigeria to Kigali, Rwanda, in partnership with the International Trade Center to meet one-on-one with prospective foreign buyers at the Women’s Vendor Exhibition. At this event, $50 million in MOUs were signed between women small-business owners and corporations from around the world.


She has delivered keynote addresses and workshops for prominent global organizations including: Observer Research Foundation; OLX; Total E&P; Exxon Mobil; Access Bank; Nigerian Export Promotion Council; International Trade Centre; Asian Forum on Global Governance; World Bank; World Economic Forum; Niger State Government; Entrepreneurs’ Organization; Federal Government of Nigeria; and many more.


With an impressive background in the male-dominated world of business and a passion for women empowerment that is unrivalled throughout the continent, Comfort Sakoma is definitely everything we are looking for in #BossLady goals. Ahead of the new year, Comfort is putting together an online webinar q&a session for those who have pressing business questions this Wednesday. Registration is FREE, so click HERE to register now as there are limited spaces available.


For more from Comfort Sakoma for Poize Insider now on Instagram @poizeinsider


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