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Weight Gain Story: London Andrews Talks About Changing From Size 8 to 18


Weight gain is one of the most damaging causes of low self esteem in our society because the idea that it represents the unhealthy and unclean version of ourselves. That’s why we are always looking for inspiring stories that help change the notion and today we are featuring the story of plus size model; London Andrews.

With over 500k followers on Instagram, London Andrews makes a habit of flaunting how confident and sexy she feels in her size 18 body. You will occasionally catch the flash of a boob, butt naked pictures on the beach and even quotes encouraging all women to love their body no matter the size. She recentley took to Instagram to share the story of how she starved herself to maintain her figure at a size 8 and how she feels happier now that she has learnt the importance of self love. Read what she said below;

Size 8. Size 18. Both are perfectly fine sizes… Yet in the first photo I was starving myself. Eating 300 calories a day, working out seven days a week (even passed out IN the gym a few times), smoking cigarettes to curb my hunger, diet pills like candy. I hated my body. I wanted to look like anyone but myself… Jump to current day ME. And I am so much happier. Mind, body, spirit. Yoga, hiking with the dogs, eating a vegan diet, feeling clear and focused and confident…. I wish I could explain to my 20 year old self that happiness is not a “size”… Happiness does not magically decend from the heavens when you lose weight… Happiness comes from within. Finding love for your body… no matter it’s shape or it’s size or it’s lack-there-of…. #loveyourself #takecareofyourself #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #plusmodel #lovelife #transformation

From more plus size inspiration for the beautiful model, follow her on Instagram @londonandrews.


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