“A Plus Size Women’s Figure is One of The Most Beautiful Things in The Universe”, Says Male Model Jay Kennedy

The plus side has been on the rave this weekend because a male model told the world how beautiful curvy women are. Corny as it may sound, the truth is that the best kind of body positivity comes from within. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate a little help along the way, especially if it’s  coming from someone like Jay Kennedy.

Here’s a man—who fits all of society’s measures of what it means to be fit—breaking through the taboos that make some men feel like it’s weird or unusual to be attracted to plus-size women. And if Kennedy’s message happens to reach someone who’s plus-size and struggles to see themselves as desirable, that isn’t really a bad thing, either.

Watch what he had to say below:

Kennedy also told Revelist about a charity he’s setting up to give high school girls their dream prom. “We want to give [them a dress] for free and set them up with a photoshoot and get their limo; basically do their prom experience. So right now I’m working that out and setting aside money to start with the first couple of people for proms this year.”

Yes, this man is real, and according the interview, he’s single. But we imagine that won’t last long.

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