Gaelle Prudencio Shines Bright at The Elle France BodyPositive Party

Elle France Magazine has joined the body positive movement as they in conjunction with Instagram France recently hosted som exceptional young women  of different races and background to share their stories and hopefully inspire people all over the world. The event with the title and hashtag, #fieredemoncorp : Relive the Elle party at Instagram,  took place at Facebook premises in Paris.

The four women at the fore front of this gathering were Charlotte Husson and Julie Meunier who are both cancer survivors, Julie Bourges a 40% degree burn survivor and body positive activist, style influencer and fashion blogger Gaelle Prudencio. The editorial staff of Elle France were also live from Paris offices of Instagram to celebrate the body positive movement.

Adele Breau

Adele Breau, editor-in-chief of Elle France welcomed  everyone to the event and introduced the four guest speakers to the audience and everyone watching Instagram live. She said: ‘Everyday, brave women post their bodies under this hashtag that gathers: #bodypositive four of them would tell us how they were rebuilt through the caring gaze of their community and how they were also able to help others understand that they too can be proud of their bodies’.


Gaelle Prudencio

Here’s the inspiring message from Gaelle Prudencio who is the mouth piece of the body positive movement and the brain behind the French Curve challenge as well as creator of the Ibilola brand. She said ‘If you’re not good in your clothes how can you feel good about others, that’s how I created my brand. My first goal is to dress big women like me it’s not pejorative and you really have to be comfortable with this term ‘big’ says the one who has long suffered from grossophobia ‘.








Plus size Comedienne Tania Dutel shared with the crowd her world, gently trashy feminist but raw and trendy.

Comdienne Tania Dutel

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