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Goddesses of Self Love, Giving Us Life!


The mark of a good fairy-tale is its standard “Happily ever after” and that’s exactly what British photographer, Linda Blacker creates as an ode to Valentines Day in this month of love. The stunning fairy-tale images feature  BodyPositive babe, Megan Jayne Crabbe (also known as @bodiposipanda), Ghanaian plus-size advocate and model Enam Ewura Adjoa Asiama as well as PSblogger, Grace Victory.

Blacker’s tale for the powerful visuals reads below…
There, within the golden heavens, three Goddesses dwelled.
They sat, limbs intertwined as glorious, full rolls of soft flesh tickled each others skin.
There was a warmth that spread between them like wild fire, bathing them all in a triumphant light.
But as they lowered their gaze to the earth below, a deep sadness tugged heavily upon their hearts.

For the humans lived differently, bound by a society that dictated what beauty was and who could claim it.
They watched as humans, young and old, tore themselves apart from within. Scrutinizing their tummies, thighs and arms, believing that the more flesh they had on their bones, the less beautiful they were. They observed the humans who saw themselves as ugly, because of their dimples, their scars, spots, disabilities and even the color of their skin, and the Goddesses’ hearts ached.

The Divine Beings began to weep, their tears pouring down to the earth as rain.

But as the tears fell, something changed. The rain that poured over humanity held magic within and it began to pass from the Goddesses to the humans.

The powerful feeling of self love finally touched a mortals heart. And now, beneath the Goddesses gaze, self love passed from one human to another and spread across the globe.

As the Goddesses dried their eyes and leaned into each other once more, they smiled.
Humanity still has a great way to go before it understands true beauty, but it is clear that the humans journey to Self Love has finally begun.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

“Well, now you have go forth and give yourself all the love you deserve, with a bowl of fruit on the side.” Megan Jayne Crabbe 

PS Advocate & Model, Enam Ewura Adjoa Asiama

“Self-Love to me has always been about enjoying the uniqueness and boldness of my body, mind and soul. Due to the fact that, no one else can do this the way that I can, and as radical and effective as I can. As the Goddess of Vanity and Plant life, I continuously learn to be aware of how I perceive myself plus how I affect others around me – especially in their own personal journeys, in this imbalanced life.”  Enam Asiama

Blogger, Grace Victory  

“I want you to remember the power of self love. You have the ability and talent deep within you to become anything, to do anything – as long as it’s your truth. It took me a lifetime to realize my worth, to realize just how bold and brave and brilliant I am and on this day, I want YOU to realize how bold and brave and brilliant YOU are. No matter what, you are deserving and you are supposed to be here – living, thriving and enjoying this wonderful world we live in”. Grace Victory 

Although Valentines may be over, we know self love has no sell-by date.


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