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Arcadio Del Valle is Not Your Stereotype Male Model and We’re Not Mad at Him!


Plus size male model, Arcadio Del Valle is  breaking the stereotypes attributed to size by embracing his body and inspiring others to do same. Weighing in at 183kg and wearing XXXXXL clothing, he always felt embarrassed about his weight. The 30 year old model, used to allow his looks keep him from exploring his personal style, but states that his over 8k Instagram followers have helped him on the course to being a model.

Arcadio’s view on style and body confidence shot him to new heights in September 2016 when plus-size street-wear brand VOLARE had him walk on the New York Fashion Week runway, which he stated turned into a life-defining moment.


He said, “growing up in a world where the media urges you to look a certain way, to be a certain weight and to fit into a mold, it becomes engraved in your head. When I saw people like Tess Holliday loving their bodies and embracing fashion, it inspired me to start doing the same. I began  sharing photos  of my outfits and my style on Instagram and I was inspired by the good feedback I was getting”.

According to him, his message is that it doesn’t matter how you look or what size you are, you can still love fashion and do anything you set your mind to.

Arcadio said on one of his Instagram posts, “Confidence isn’t how cocky you are, confidence is knowing you’re flawed and imperfect but you refuse to let those flaws hold you back. Use those flaws to your advantage to show the world you are beautiful and that you can break those barriers and stigmas that hold you back”. 

           Arcadio for ASOS

Arcadio Del Valle has gone on to break set size and fashion rules by walking the runway for brands like MVP Collections, ASOS Man as well as others.








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