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Our Big Guys Want More And This Fashion Brand is Calling Everyone Out!


Although the fashion industry has broadened its size spectrum with a lot of brands becoming more inclusive of plus sizes for women, most of them seem to be ignoring plus size male folk, an all too important demographic within the market demand for clothing. Big Dude Clothing is one brand that has recognized the void for plus male clothing and has began creating trendy fashion wears for plus size men.

The brand creates clothing and other fashion items ranging from sports wear, suits, T’s, polo’s, jeans, hoodies and footwear. The brand is pushing this male plus line to the next level by doing a search campaign for a student ambassador that would help change the narrative in plus male fashion.


Founder of the brand, Darrell Freeman talked to Metro UK about what propelled the search for the brand’s first student ambassador.

‘Open up any magazine or lifestyle-focused website and you will undoubtedly be inundated with articles focusing on promoting positive body images amongst young British women, but there are very few places young men in a vulnerable position can turn to when struggling with negative thoughts about their appearance or body size. ‘Here at Big Dude Clothing, we are passionate about helping our customers, no matter what size they may be or want to be in the future, feel good about their current fashion choices’.

‘After noticing an increase in the amount of online orders from young males on our site, we wanted to bring a student ambassador on board in order to showcase the fact there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to ordering clothing from a plus-size range, and that many other young British men are in a similar position.’




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