Introducing the #SelfCareSeries by Body Positive Poet, Maya Osborne

In honor of Women’s History Month, ATCL reached out to body positive poet and activist, Maya Osborne to share some of her more recent work. We will be bringing you ONE photo with the accompanying poem from the #SelfCareSeries every day at NOON for eight consecutive days. This newly released and aptly titled #SelfCareSeries is a creative collaboration between Osborne and photographer Justin Thorpe featuring photos and poems depicting the poet’s regular self-care practices carried out in her private space.

Maya grew up loving theater and competing in slam poetry from age 13 while consciously producing work that has torn open the veil between the worlds of the page and the stage. The biracial Brooklyn native who was raised in the Lower East Side of New York also wrote and performed an original one-woman play; ‘FAT TALK’, at 20. ‘FAT TALK’ dealt with the ways in which women learn to address their bodies as intrinsically flawed vessels.

Prior to the release of the #SelfCareSeries, she shared on her Instagram its purpose and events that led to the project;


“I have been creatively quiet for some time now. Since school ended. Since their divorce started. Since he stopped loving me. Since she stopped loving me. Since I stopped doing the work. Since I put down my books. I know now I cannot uphold my self care without creating regularly. I am prepared to call 2018 my transition back into my artistry. #SelfCareSeries, is my first collaboration with a male photographer. This series displays my regular self care practices in my private space paired with pieces of my writing. The intent through this series of photographs and poems is to share what it looks and feels like to take care of a fat body. My love and acceptance of my body, began in my bedroom. And though my bedroom and my body have changed and will continue to, this will always be sanctuary”.


Maya has gone through her fair share of body shaming and constantly shares her insecurities on her Instagram with powerful, inspiring messages aimed to spark conversations around this all too important topic.

I have not really ever shared images showing my lazy eye. When recently asked if I’d get it fixed, something I’ve been asked a lot over the years… I replied no because it’s a part of me and all that I am. I have always felt this way and unapologetically let folks know. The only time I’ve addressed it in my poetry however was for my college entrance essay. I can’t help but think on all that I have grown through since then, and how writing that piece really solidified my confidence around my eye. I wish to write like that again to create that feeling for others. 

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