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Vacation Goals! PS Blogger- Hayet Rida and Friends from America storm Ghana (We don’t think you’re ready for all this Jelly)


The “jellier”, the merrier! PS blogger Hayet Rida and friends take a girls trip to Ghana with the hashtag #Gone2Ghana2018. Ghana didn’t see this one coming as the radiation has spiralled out of control. 17 curvaceous women, all in one place, serving us major vacation goals.

Hayet and friends have been visiting historical sites, taking pictures and having the time of their lives. She took to her Instagram to confess saying “So many times, we let go of our own culture because we believe that someone else’s is better…” It didn’t end there for the plus size beauty as she goes further to say “…Bringing these beautiful women home has allowed me to experience Ghana with fresh eyes, and I fall deeper in love over and over again”

Hayet Rida at the Elmina Castle


Hayer Rida, Lura Anyanwu and Lyricbylyrics at the Elmina Castle


Shaina Tucker earlier at the Ntonso Adinkra Craft Village looking gorgeous in Markells Closet dress


Shainna Tucker of “Thickgrlscloset” looking sexy in this two piece by “Always for Me” by the seaside.


Rae Williams also took to her Instagram saying “The power is in empowering one another, uplifting one another and standing strong for one another…” The flesh NYU graduate of Public Relations went further to add that “…Our ancestors endured the pain of slavery. At Elmina Castle, we promised ‘Never Again’ to allow these transgressions to take place…”


Rae Williams at the Ntonso Adinkra Craft Village


Alex Larosa Plus size model


Chardline Chanel by the seaside in a bathing suit by “Always for Me”.


Beauty blogger behind the Gorgeousingrey blog- Ty Alexander pretty in green by the beach or in her words “…We choose our joys and our sorrows long before we experience them! Make it your mission to always choose joy…”


Ty Alexander it seems is having the most experience as she is greeted by a fan. In a heart warming post on her @Gorgeousingrey page on Instagram she poured her heart out. “This is Tasha. She’s one of my Innanet cuzzins. She was so excited to see me and greeted me with a warm (literally cause Ghana is hot AF) hug filled with love and admiration. It’s hard to put into words how I feel when I meet you guys. Each time I’m in awe that someone from ‘wherever you are in the land of Zumundas’ recognizes me, especially all the way in Ghana. I’ll be forever grateful for you and I’m proud to consider you all my extended family because after 8 years of blogging we basically ‘go together’”.


Everythingcurvyandchic atKumasi in Ghana earlier.


Chante Florida of @Everythingcurvyandchic on Instagram is stunning in the Rue 107 rap dress just in front of the Elmira Castle with the quote “Hold your head held high Queens, I got you and you got me. We are making our ancestors proud with our unapologetic blackness”.


Model Hailey Elizabeth also looking stunning in the pool


@Therealtraciemae, @Ladydayamour, @Realee.me and @Hailey.ebeth on instagram by the poolside.


No vacation without clubbing


The entire group in solidarity outside the Elmina Castle. Hayet shared this quote about black history just under this picture on Instagram- “For many of the girls, Elmina Castle was the last point of departure for their ancestors who were forced into the illegal slave trade…Over 400 years later, we broke the cycle and took them back home”.



A part of the squad by the pool side in Accra.

Hayet Rida

Lura Anyanwu

Shainna Tucker


Leah McGee




Hailey Elizabeth

Ty Alexander- Gorgeouseingrey

Rae Williams- Thatgirlrae


Alex Larosa- Missalexlarosa

Chardline Chanel


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