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ICYMI; Beauty Boy Patrick Starr Featured in M.A.C. Campaign


Make-up brand, MAC has been leading in the global beauty industry for years not just for their unrivalled expertise in makeup, but the diversity and inclusion of people of all gender, sizes, colors, creeds and races. They have been at the forefront of fashion and beauty, collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art and popular culture.

MAC collaborated with plus size make-up artist, Patrick Simondac popularly known as Patrick Starr and it was a ground breaking event. A lover of makeup and photography, his YouTube channel is filled with amazing professional makeup artistry and infused with body positive chitchat in between sessions.

The genesis of Starr’s art began in high school. He said: I started doing photography and doing head-shots for my friends doing theater. It was then that I realized I could Photoshop makeup on to the computer to eliminate blemishes, add blush, contour and shape brows. And that was basically the spark for my interest for makeup.

Patrick is an unashamed beauty boy and he has made it clear that he wants more boys in the beauty world. His YouTube videos are proof of  how versatile and talented he is with every stroke of his brush. Patrick has always kept an open mind to learning and inclusion with his personal slogan, “Life Opens Up When You Do”, its no wonder MAC selected him this time to do a campaign collaboration with their brand.


The collaboration started out with MAC partnering with Patrick Starr to create a list of cosmetic products like lip liners, foundation powders, signature ‘Patrick Woo’ lipstick and more which were sold around America and globally as well. There was a launch party in New York with Patrick’s family, friends and colleague and many other people present .

Watch this video on the power of makeup.

Patrick Starr has also been  involved in tons of other works across the board. He has twelve products to his name including his own nail polish line at Sephora and has also worked with other mega brands like Tart and Benefit Cosmetics asides from MAC.


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