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AllGo – Finally! A Plus Size App to the Rescue


The wait is finally over! You know the feeling where you want to try out a new place but you’re not sure how plus size friendly it is… well you can now rest easy because there’s a new app on the block to lift that burden. AllGo, an app founded by Rebecca Alexander, provides you information on how Fat-Friendly a restaurant, theatre, gym, bar, airline etc. is. The information made available on AllGo, delivered straight from the source (other plus size individuals who have visited these locations) makes it easier to be able to decide on places to visit.

With reference to the quote “the bigger you get the smaller the world becomes” AllGo’s mission is to keep the world from shrinking for people of size. The app makes available information such as: accessibility, aisle width, seating, how friendly are the staff etc. “

According to an interview with The Curvy Fashionista, Alexander says “It goes back to when I was 18. Everywhere we went, from the rides to finding a table to eat lunch at… I was constantly worried about being able to fit into a space. That feeling hasn’t left me… and about 2 years ago, I noticed this behaviour where I would scroll through ravioli photos, looking for photos of booths or chairs at a restaurant – so I could determine whether I could go.  I’d do this for drinks at a new place for a friend’s birthday, when researching new doctors…”

The CEO later added “Going to a new place can be really stressful for fat people. We never know if we’re going to fit in booths or if the chairs will be comfortable or sturdy enough, this anxiety can cause fat people to stay home or not visit new places. With AllGo, fat people can get the information we need to feel confident when going out.”

For Alexander it was a dream come true when Portland-based venture capital firm Elevate Capital decided to shell out $50,000 to invest in the start-up app in December 2017.

Elevate’s MD- Nitin Rai said “Elevate is proud to support AllGo. They have a great team, full of really smart, hard-working women. We believe in investing in underrepresented founders and look forward to being a part of their success”.

The app currently provides information on spots only in the state of Oregon, U.S.A., but will be expanding and launching a Beta version later this year.


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