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Does Being Plus Size Mean You Are Unhealthy? PS Blogger Callie Thorpe Speaks Out


Beyond the size inclusion in fashion, beauty, movies and the body positive protests from plus size enthusiasts, the world still needs to unlearn the fact that being plus size does not equal being unhealthy. People still tend to stigmatize plus size individuals and offer unsolicited diagnosis to their supposed “health issues”. Which brings us to the argument on whether a plus size person in the gym is a cry for help or just a personal quest for fitness.

It becomes an irony when it’s discovered that most plus size people work out regularly, do yoga, engage in other exercise regimen  and are  in fact clean, healthy eaters. And so while body positive activists are trying to make a case for sportswear brands to include plus size people, super-brands like Nike have stepped up.  British PS Blogger, Callie Thorpe recently partnered with Nike Women, who are now creating plus size sportswear for the curvy and chunky. Callie took to her Instagram to share her enthusiasm with the world but ended up receiving negative feed back from trolls who made comments like;

  • “no one will want to buy sportswear from someone who looks like they never worked out a day in their life”
  • “Just because you over-eat, it doesn’t mean you deserve to be the face of an exercise clothing line”
  • “Did you know only ‘fit’ people deserve to be in fitness related campaigns?”

Callie responded to the naysayers saying;

“First of all how exactly do people get fit if they don’t have clothes to work out in?”

“Secondly how can you tell someone’s strength or fitness level through a screen? 
When people who lecture others about weight and health claim to show concern, what they are really saying is ‘I’m not concerned about your health I’m concerned about your image…. because that’s what it all comes down to how good you look”.

“…People with faux concern that bully others for being overweight are the same ones that mock people for being in the gym or participating in exercise. We truly are damned if we do and damned if you don’t. We have to suffer the lectures and comments about our weight whilst also not being afforded the access to fitness or health.
And I’m just done with it.
I’m so tired of people mistreating, mocking and laughing at people that look like me.
I don’t care if YOU a judgmental, shallow person wouldn’t want to see my body in work out clothes.
I am NOT HERE FOR YOU I’m here to show people who, look like me, what a body like ours, looks like in training kit. I do this so people can feel included in a conversation they are constantly excluded from. So they can feel comfortable to go to an exercise class, or for a run, or even a walk with items that fit, support and perform.
So that if they choose to, they can move their bodies in a way that makes them feel good
To those following me here, don’t let anyone exclude you or make you feel like you don’t belong because you don’t fit into these small minded stereotypes. You do what’s best for your body and your life. And to that commenter and anyone else with that attitude, do me a favour, keep your opinions to yourself and take your prejudices and go, some of us have got work to do”

Ultimately, you should work out because you love your body and want to be fit.


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