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Dubai Based +Size Blogger- Arfa Shahid is Challenging The Lack of Trendy Modest Clothes!


Arfa Shahid in the streets of Dubai

Muslim plus size modest fashion blogger and journalist Arfa Shahid was featured on BBC News where she spoke out on the fashion industry in the Middle East. In the recent interview, the Dubai based reporter for Ary News expressed her discontent with not getting plus size modest clothing. She states that particularly as a Muslim woman, she is supposed to wear clothes that are of “looser fit” and not finding clothing that fit this spec make things more difficult for her. Arfa says, “It’s so frustrating not being able to find modest plus-size clothing”.

She also expressed her dismay with people who pass negative comments on her weight and looks. She revealed in the interview that even at the age of four, strangers would walk up to her to say mean things based on her weight. She says “Words hurt… They made me feel bad but I always had this hope at the back of my mind that what people say about me, do not define me. How I define myself, is what I am.”

The blogger’s message is clear when she talks about the stereotypes surrounding people like her. She brings to our consciousness that plus size women who wear hijabs are not easily considered as models punctuating the fact that there’s always a look of surprise when she mentions also being a plus size model.


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