Diet Munchers Show us 5 Yummy Ways to Eat Vegetables

The sight of a veggie meal can sometimes induce eye-rolls and an immediate loss of appetite, we know! (At least some of us do). We feel like it’s too leafy, it’s not tasty, its not spicy et-cetera et-cetera like that… but we can’t deny the multi-vitamin benefits and goodness of vegetables to keep us healthy and vibrant all day. This is why we have teamed up with Diet Munchers to give you five fun ways to eat your veggies.

    1. Salads

Toss the chopped and diced vegetables of your choosing into a big old  salad and throw in a little vinaigrette. That’s right! Vinaigrette, is made from vinegar and serves as a great tasting dressing. A little ounce of it in your salad makes all the difference giving it a mixture of sour and spicy flavors.


 2. Burritos

Try loading up your veggies into a bowl of burritos. This Mexican cuisine that contains a large wheat tortilla can be mixed with vegetables and still taste great. Burritos are rich in vitamins and have 0% cholesterol.


      3. Smoothies

This third one is  a favorite of ours by simply turning them into sumptuous smoothies. Delicious right? Smoothies are great sources of vitamins and can serve as full meals as well. You can be as creative as you want with your smoothies by mixing up different veggies and fruits for a less boring and leafy taste.


  4. Soup

This fourth one is an easy way to make use of those leftover bits of vegetables that could otherwise go to waste. A tasty broth of traditional vegetables and a bit of protein can definitely cheer you up and lift your spirits. Try using regular packet soups stirred into pot of hot water and tossing in the vegetables and your choice of spices. Feel free to add chicken, fish, potatoes or meat and there you have it. A one-pot dish to enjoy while Neflix-ing and chilling.


5. Veggie Stir-fry

Finally, you can whip up an amazing stir fry to eat on its own or with a portion of wild rice, yams or sweet potatoes. Apart from the delicious medley of flavors and spices, the rich color of the vegetables make it a visual delight as well.

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