Dear Body: A Love Letter, Just For You by Meghan Tonjes

Meghan Tonjes is a Los Angeles based plus size body-positive revolutionist, vlogger, singer and song writer. She creates videos that go from funny, real to personal, her videos also shine light on day to day issues people struggle with. Aside her many other involvements, Meghan has also been featured on the album of American rapper, Hoodie Allen.

She wrote this poem as an inspiration by Ari Fitz, a visual storyteller and liberal soul who put together the Dear Body Project to promote self-love.

A couple of people selected by Ari herself were asked to write a letter to their bodies and share it with the world. Meghan’s love letter was absolutely in-depth and real, proving that there is no one without flaws and everyone should embrace theirs’.

Dear body,

We’ve been through our honey moon phase,

Our awkward moments, our fights

Times when we didn’t even want to be in the same room

Let alone the same skin, but through it all,

I have loved you

I have protected you

I have fought for you

I have stayed up all night laughing with you

And I have stopped everything I’m doing to cry with you

To cry for you

There are always going to be people who doubt you, belittle you

Refuse to understand why you deserve the space you take

Why you are worthy of being loved

But like any relationship, the only ones who have to understand are you and me

Thank you for surviving, for keeping my heart safe

For letting me hold and comfort the people I love

Thank you for being patient with me

Letting me find the beauty in you

And letting me share that beauty

What an honour it has been to known you



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