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ATCL Collective Partners With The Garment Factory @ AFW 2018


The Garment Factory is one of Nigeria’s leading textile company, built on juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary. The Garment Factory merges the old with the new by producing traditional ankara and adire prints using unconventional textile base fabrics. Their unique prints have been a major part of their practice for many years and have in recent times, become extremely popular locally and internationally. The Garment Factory has partnered with the ATCL Collective for Arise Fashion Week 2018 and their fabrics have been used to create classical pieces for this years AFW. As such some of the looks that will be showcased include fabrics like moss crepe, soft jerseys and linen.

With over six years in the fabric and fashion industry, The Garment Factory continues to provide premium quality products including the best customer service to complement. Its no surprise their client base is constantly on the rise in addition to continuous increase in demand. Celebrities like visual artist Modupeola Fadugba, Founder ATCL Latasha Ngwube, actress Genevieve Nnanji, Faith Olala and many other individuals have been seen rocking fabulous designs in The Garment Factory fabrics.

They offer an array of ankara and adire prints in moss crepe, plush georgettes, 100% luxurious silks, soft jerseys, 100% linen, and a lush satin crepe fabrication. In addition to their enviable catalogue of prints, they present the option of producing custom-made designs for commercial use by garment makers, designers and also for special events that call for signature prints.

The brand is certainly a motivation to other fabric manufactures as they continue to inspire, create, build and grow the institution that is the Nigerian fashion industry.


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