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#ATCLCollective Unveils Its Designers For Arise Fashion Week (AFW) 2018


We can’t keep calm! Arise Fashion Week (AFW) is here already and the ATCL collective would be featuring three amazing designers on the run way. This wont be the first time the collective would be featured on the runway. In 2016 we changed the game, in 2017 it was another groundbreaking presentation, this year, expect nothing less from the collective as they showcase three strong designers; FIA, MANOSHIA and SALLY BAWA who would bring their blue prints to life in stunning cuts, fabric and designs.




FIA is a fun loving yet sophisticated womenswear brand that appreciates the beauty and uniqueness of all body forms. It is owned by a trio of women; Ijeoma Jibunoh, Abi Ola, Funke Ola, who together create fashionable and stylish pieces that are both quirky and fearless. FIA embraces all forms and sizes when it comes to the female body, believing that beauty should not be equated to your waist side but rather to every aspect of the female body, both inside and out.

On being a part of the #AtclCollective FIA says;  “As a brand that supports and appreciates women of all body types, we are so proud to be part of about that curvy life, a collective that advocates for the inclusion of all body forms in the fashion industry”





SALLY BAWA is a womenswear label that embodies the classic and the contemporary in its style offerings. Founded in 2008 by Sally Julcit Bawa, the label combines straight-lined designs, geometric precision and artistic elements with elegant sophistication; a refined statement that beautifies women and glorifies their personality. At the center of SALLY BAWA is an ethos of minimalist sophistication and feminine elegance for today’s woman. A combination of high quality fibers, hand painted details and elaborate craftsmanship—each design exudes a spirit of true lightness creating a new and fresh minimal fashion identity. Two time nominee and one time winner at the ELOY awards. The brand has also showed its collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta amongst others and has been featured on Italian Vogue and other prominent media.

Sally Bawa

Sally says: “There is no better time for Africans and African brands to be on the global map as now, and there is no better platform than About That Curvy Life on the Arise 2018 runway. I’m excited to be a part of this resurgence!” 




Manoshia is a premier collection founded by Aimanoshi Dania whose designs are inspired by the resilient modern African woman, the beautiful woman who thrives and rises against all odds. Manoshia combines luxurious, high end fabric, unlikely textures, bold and fresh manipulations to create vivacious and empowering yet feminine pieces for the modern African woman.

Aimanoshi Dania

 Manoshia is honored to be one of the designers under the “About that curvy life collective “. I intend to show that all plus size and curvy women do not have to feel less of a woman because of their sizes or curves they are beautiful and wonderful made. Our collection intends to boost the confidence of our ladies and push them in the right direction”

Get your tickets and brace yourselves for an amazing night.



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