Dear Broken Spirits & Souls, YOU’VE GOT TO FIGHT BACK by Lala Neriah Tshabalala (Part 3)

This body love and self-love journey is a journey that’ll never end. It’s something I fight for, sometimes unconsciously, everyday. I embrace it and own it because my story is unique, no one will live it out exactly the same way I did and that goes for everyone else in this struggle.

My message to everyone going through body image challenges, self-esteem issues and a lack of self-worth is not to despise these painful beginnings. Use these experiences and emotions as a teacher. Talk to someone. I’m no super hero, I don’t have super powers, I just decided it was time to gather and mend together the broken pieces. I conjured up the courage to fight back because being stuck in the same place was no longer an option. I pursued happiness and went searching for my self-esteem like my life depended on it. Once again, I’m not perfect, I still have bad days but they are so much better than those days when I believed life wasn’t worth living.

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