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Trending! #FineGirlsThatAreFat Disrupts Twitter’s Momentum

Trending! #FineGirlsThatAreFat Disrupts Twitter’s Momentum

#FineGirlsThatAreFat is the trending hashtag started by plus size model and body positive activists, Simone Mariposa in a bid to empower and build the confidence of every plus size woman across the globe. She began the hashtag movement online when she realized that there were other ‘fine people’ tags like #FineMenInTheMilitary, #FineWomenThatDontCheat, #FineWomenThatGame making twitter rounds while excluding plus from the conversation.

Simone Mariposa


As someone with a passion for the plus community, Simone decided to be the voice of representation by putting up a picture of herself with the hashtag #FineGirlsThatAreFat. With this new trend, Simone’s hopes of encouraging more women seem to be coming true as she has been getting a lot of retweets inspiring other plus women to post pictures of themselves under her trending tag.

As social media would always have the good, the bad and the ugly sides, this hashtag saw trolls coming out from their hiding places with backlash and negative comments, but Simone is unfazed by it all as she says in a chat with iNews ;

“You are more likely to see a campaign or advert tailored towards plus size women featuring a white, conventionally attractive hourglass shaped woman than a size 24+ dark black fat woman. There is still so much work to be done in order to achieve genuine inclusivity. Until then, fat women within the media will continue to stay unseen”.


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