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Is Recreating Fashion Statement Looks By Plus Size Models Fast Becoming The In-Thing?


Recreating statement looks and campaign shots have been on the rise of recent as we have had both male and female plus size models come together to recreate campaign ads from Calvin Klein where straight-sized models were used, as well as the recreation of individual fashion looks from celebrities and other models. This begs the question, is there not enough size inclusivity going on in the fashion industry? well, not so much.  This plus size recreation by Katie Sturino is actually proof that you can rock anything as a plus size man or woman and being plus size does not limit your fashion exploration or options.

Katie Sturino & Bella Hadid

Plus size model, blogger and fashionista, Katie Sturino is no stranger to the recreation of statement pieces by loads of celebrities and models alike and we can confidently say she nails each piece to the T’s. Katie has recreated looks from the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Hadid Amal Clooney and so many others.

Her most recent recreation was on a royal perspective as she collaborated with brawn male model and blogger Ryan Dziadu to recreate the looks of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Katie and Ryan can be seen looking royal-like themselves as they rock similar outfits to the ones the royal couple wore to the celebration of the Commonwealth Day.

Katie is not just going around doing recreations, according to her chat with Stylenine, it all comes to light, she wants to make positive impact in the plus community. She says;

“I try to shift the inner conversation off of the mental ticker in your brain that’s saying things like, ‘You don’t deserve to be here,’ or ‘Everyone hates you because you’re fat,'” she says. “I change it to something I like about what I’m wearing.”

Amal Clooney, Katie Sturino, J Law



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