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Canadian Plus Size Accountant Turned Model, Josiane Laure Modjom, is Breaking Boundaries & Norms Within The Plus Community


Plus size model, Josiane Laure Modjom is taking the plus size startup world and plus size community by storm with her brand new creative idea Malia Indigo Corporation. The aim of Malia Indigo Corporation is to create a community of professionals working in the plus-size fashion and beauty industry while increasing visibility. It is a platform where women can sign up and create a profile either as a designer, model, blogger, photographer or make-up artist which would, in turn, enable them access to networking events and fashion shows, as well as appearing in various media campaigns.

The brand, Malia Indigo Corporation has already been recognized by CBC Start-up-City Toronto, Canada. Josiane says she created the brand out of a dire need to fill a gap, communicate and boost the confidence of every plus size woman as well as create a tight-knit community in the fashion and beauty field. She hopes it can become an international directory for professionals in the plus-size fashion industry.

Josiane Laure Modjom

Josiane who is a proud mother of two adorable children said it took her a while to build the self-confidence she radiates today and now, she wants to help other plus size women embrace who they are.

“I grew up very intimidated because I thought that I was not pretty enough,” she said. “I was always the bigger in the classroom, and on TV all I saw was petite women. I started to think there was something wrong with me.”

Josiane Laure Modjom

Talking to CBC, Josiane said; “We give you a space to show what your talent is, we bring the eyes on you. You just have to filter, browse and find what you’re looking for.

It wasn’t easy deviating from a profession she had spent years building and it was quite a surprise to her family but she stuck to her guns. According to Josiane; “They were like, ‘You are a great accountant; you have a great career. Why did you join the fashion industry? What are you trying to achieve?” 


Josiane Laure Modjom


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