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Ugo Jesse: The Inspirational Nigerian Artist Who is Sketching a Better World


If you are searching for that Instagram post to make your day feel right, Nigerian cartoonist, Ugo Jesse is the man for you. With so many negative vibes on social media these days, Ugo is one of the few people who takes it upon himself to share positive posts in a creative and fun way especially where it concerns the plus size community. His rare and creative methods in delivering a whole story in one post is truly one of a kind as he uses cartoon characters to express real life issues.

In a short time, it’s evident brands are patronizing his craft to promote their products and services as we can spot that signature style anywhere but what we love even more is how he doesn’t compromise his intergrity for money by sketching commercially for any brand whose ethos doesn’t fall in line with his personal principles.

Its no surprise how his following has grown rapidly over a short time. As he says, he ‘makes the pen bleed’ while addressing hard hitting issues surrounding cancer awareness, rape, body shaming/positivity, politics and so much more. The artist never shows his face and is notoriously reclusive as he is yet to be spotted or identified at any event in Lagos. We can appreciate a good mystery but we cannot promise not to try and track him down for a quick interview one of these days.

Till then, check out some of his body positive work that will definitely warm your heart.



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