Plus Model Magazine Editor, Madeline Jones Calls Out Industry Opportunists

The wave of plus size inclusion in the fashion industry is causing a lot of designers and brands to diversify their production. Loads of brands have come out to announce the addition of plus sizes to their outlets as well as using plus size models as part of their campaign strategy. We’ve also seen celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna include plus sizes to their clothing line and brands like Reformation go as far as apologizing to the plus size community for not being more inclusive.

Madeline Jones

Aside from the body positivity which is actually the main focus, retailers in the plus size market also seem to be cashing out (no harm in that!), but that is also one of the things which has got so many individuals and brands itching to jump on the bandwagon. But it becomes an issue when individuals who have previously refused to identify as being ‘plus size’, eventually decide to create plus size wears and solicit support, followership and patronage from the plus community. This is what Plus Model Mag Editor-in-Chief, Madeline Jones was trying to address in the recent post shared on her Instagram handle.

Being one of the pioneers in the plus size community for body positivity, size inclusivity and diversity both as a model and an EIC, Madeline Jones is definitely an influential voice to many plus size women. With years of experience as a model, she constantly dishes out practical modeling tips for up and coming models.

Plus size women from all works of life have come out to dish out their two-pence in response to Jones’ fiery comment on Instagram. Here’s what some of the had to say.






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