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Don’t You Want to Triple The Business? Celebrity Designer, Christian Siriano, Calls Out Other Fashion Brands


Celebrity Fashion designer, Christian Siriano is the go-to designer for many reasons top of which is he is a true champion of sartorial diversity of many entertainers and celebrities. From the Oscars, to the Grammys, the message this body positive designer is trying to pass across is quite clear from the way he holds nothing back, expressing his creativity through each finely crafted piece. We like to call him our red carpet hero and why not? He continually steps up to volunteer his talent to those who it seems other designers will not dress and his posse never fail to turn heads and stun. It’s no wonder he was recently named one of times 100  most influential people of 2018.

Christian Siriano’s work goes beyond the red carpet to fashion runway shows like New York Fashion Week were he has shown again and again how inclusive his brand is by bringing a diverse range of models like Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, Candice Huffine and a few others to walk for him.

Diane Guerrero, Uzo Aduba, Angela Bassette & Miranda Lambert in Christian Siriano

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Christian Siriano says he is tired of hearing women say they can’t wear a certain outfit because it was meant for models. He says: It made me insane! So, I was like okay, well then I’m going to make my models look more like you if that’s what you would like”. When plus size comedienne Leslie Jones tweeted about the fact that no designer would make clothes for her body, Siriano rose to the challenge and has since been making her a show stopper on the red carpet with his most recent being the white suit dress she wore to Time 100 Gala night where he interestingly also happened to be her date.


A lot of designers could definitely take a cue from Christian Siriano except of course they don’t want to cash out.  He subtly calls out other designers in his interview with Time Magazine saying; “Are we not interested in tripling the business, do we not think that those people are interesting or beautiful?” However, it shouldn’t just be money-focused as there is still a large vacuum that need to be filled when it comes to options for the plus size woman, so inclusivity and diversity should be the main focus.

Watch Christian Siriano’s interview with time below.







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