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We Are Bikini Body Ready! Thanks to Navabi For Creating This Body Positive Campaign Before Summer


We Are Bikini Body Ready! Thanks to Navabi For Creating This Body Positive Campaign Before Summer


Plus size fashion brand Navabi recently launched a campaign in response to a 2015 advert that stared a huge controversy. After British online retailer Protein World launched their Are you beach body ready? campaign that showed a straight-sized model posing next to a range of slimming products, loads of individuals slammed the brand for being biased and non-inclusive. Although the plus community was not as it is now, 70,000 people signed a petition against it in 2015 and the advert which was displayed on several billboards, London’s underground platforms as well as on moving vanwere all taken down.

Navabi decided to do a recreation of the 2015 advert featuring plus size writer and Social Editor at Navabi fashion, Bethany Ruther, plus size style blogger Stephanie Yeboah and ASOS insider Lauren Talulah. The photos which was taken by ace photographer Michael Chapman shows the three women in their Navabi bikinis posing next to the phrase We’re beach body ready! 

Stephanie Yeboah, Lauren Talulah, Bethany Rutter

In an Interview with iNews, Bethany Rutter says:

Protein World’s advert feels like it was half really out of step with the way we’ve come to think about bodies, but half symptomatic of the way we still think about bodies, which added up to us wanting to refresh it our way.”

 “It’s 2018 and it’s frankly untruthful to pretend that all plus size women are size 18 white, hourglass-shaped plus size models,” she said. “I wouldn’t dream of casting a campaign that didn’t reflect the reality of plus size women’s lives,” she added.

Stephanie Yeboah, Lauren Talulah, Bethany Rutter

Stephanie Yeboah: “‘YASSSSSS!’. We’re approaching the time of year when a considerable amount of pressure is put on us to lose weight in order to wear a bikini. You don’t have to lose bloody weight. Just wear a bikini and live your best fat life pls.” 

 Lauren Talulah“It’s so hard to find the words to describe how this picture makes me feel. I went through my late teens and early 20’s very much thinking that my size was always going to hold me back. That being a size 10 would make me happy, that I should look like all of my friends, who were much smaller than me. Truth is, none of us are perfect… none of us should feel we have to look a certain way because we’ve been conditioned to think like that. Right now THIS is my body, and I’m not going to let that stop me from getting where I need to be.” 


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